Commonly Asked Questions

Within the next 24 hours, I need a structural engineer to inspect a house that I am buying, selling or refinancing.

Our small family business of professionals is able to respond quickly to your needs. If you get caught with a real estate checklist, and have a short deadline we can send someone out quickly. The owners will take your call, listen to your concerns and arrange a consultation. We send professional engineers to give you on the spot advice and estimates.

What do I do if I see cracks or other defects in my home?

We will inspect what is wrong with the house you want to buy or sell. We advise homebuyers and realtors about the best way to remedy the structural faults if there are any. We repair cracked, broken, sinking or heaving foundations. What does that crack mean? We will determine if there is a problem or no issue at all. We offer a wealth of services including raising and leveling, underpinning, repairs and much more.

Can you write a structural engineering letter to the city of Boulder that says my work is structurally sound?

We will visit your property and if it's safe and sound we'll provide you with letters, reports or whatever you need to document your work.

Can you help me with Colorado code issues for a remodel or expansion?

Yes, we have forty years experience working with the City of Boulder and Boulder County partnering to serve homeowners and developers. Code issues are our strong suit and our engineers are fluent in all US codes.

We are members of the International Code Council and rely on their services regularly. The experience gained through involvement in the estimating process has provided real insight and methods that make our estimating abilities sound.

I am building a house and need help with the obstacles? Do you have experience with the City of Boulder Planning department?

We have long-term relationships with the City and County of Boulder Planning departments and can assist you with the process.

Would you provide an engineering estimate for my new construction project?

Our engineers can give you on the spot advice and provide an estimate. We look at the problem that the buyer/realtor want us to examine and try to find the problems and suggest some solutions. Either the house is fine and these little things you see are not a problem or they are easily fixable, and we provide an estimate of the cost.

What type of payments do you accept for a structural engineering or construction job?

We accept credit, cash or check.

If we can be of service please give us a

call at (303) 443-3096.

We welcome you to give us a call to learn more.